Race Calendar 2022

Series Discard

Helmsman-8 Races, 5 to Count

Autumn-8 Races, 5 to Count

Phoenix-8 Races, 5 to Count

Creek-6 Races, 4 to Count

Hot Toddie-6 Races, 4 to Count

Fairley-5 Races, 4 to Count

Early Bird-3 Races all to Count

Day Date Series Start HW Mtrs
SAT2 AprilVisitor / Race Training18:0020:104.38m
SUN3 AprilVisitor / Race Training18:3020:414.27m
SAT9 AprilEarly Bird 111:3012:432.95m
SUN10 AprilEarly Bird 212:0013:552.84m
SAT16 AprilEarly Bird 317:0019:134.27m
SUN17 AprilPhoenix 117:3019:454.39m
SAT23 AprilHelmsman 1/Opening Day Race10:3012:213.22m
SUN24 AprilOpening Day Lunch14:003.09m
SAT30 AprilHelmsman 217:3019:134.13m
SUN1 MayPhoenix 218:0019:444.13m
SAT7 MayWhite Harte Regatta09:0011:133.14m
SUN8 MayPhoenix 310:3012:112.97m
SAT14 MayHelmsman 316:0018:054.06m
SUN15 MayPhoenix 416:3018:424.28m
TUE17 MayCreek 119:0020:014.43m
THU19 MayFairley 119:3021:304.16m
SAT21 May⛵ Portsalon Bells SORS109:0010:583.59m
SUN22 MayPhoenix 510:0012:133.36m
SAT28 MayHelmsman 416:3018:163.85m
SUN29 MayPhoenix 616:3018:483.93m
TUE31 MayCreek 219:0019:543.96m
THU2 JuneFairley 219:0021:013.82m
SAT4 June⛵ Limeburner 1 SORS211:0010:063.52m
SUN5 JuneFree10:453.30m
SAT11 JuneHelmsman 515:0016:503.80m
SUN12 JuneMidSummer BBQ15:3017:344.08m
TUE14 JuneCreek 319:0019:024.47m
THU16 JuneFairley 319:0020:334.49m
SAT18 June⛵ Tory Race SORS310:3009:544.05m
SUN19 JuneFree10:453.85m
SAT25 JuneHelmsman 615:3017:153.59m
SUN26 JuneJunior Helm16:0017:533.72m
THU30 JuneFairley 417:3020:114.00m
SAT2 July⛵ Swillymore SORS410:0009:113.89m
SUN3 JulyFree09:453.80m
TUE5 JulyCreek 420:0023:063.60m
SAT9 JulyWOW13:0015:073.58m
SUN10 JulyRound the Island14:0016:193.80m
SAT16 JulyMelmore Race09:3008:544.43m
SUN17 JulyCommodores Inspection02:004.31m
TUE19 JulyCreek 520:0023:313.95m
SAT23 JulyHelmsman 714:0015:513.35m
SUN24 JulyPhoenix 715:0016:533.46m
SAT30 JulyFahan RegattaTBD08:203.99m
SUN31 JulyBuncrana RegattaTBD08:524.00m
MON1 AugustRathmullan RegattaTBD09:223.96m
TUE2 AugustCreek 620:0021:544.01m
THU4 AugustFairley 520:0023:243.75m
SAT6 AugustHelmsman 811:3013:153.53m
SUN7 AugustPhoenix 812:0014:323.54m
SAT13 August⛵ Limeburner 2 SORS508:0020:094.58m
SUN14 AugustPostponed Race 118:3020:504.79m
SAT20 AugustPostponed Race 211:0013:093.29m
SUN21 AugustRamelton Cruise12:3014:333.18m
SAT27 AugustPostponed Race 317:0019:394.22m
SUN28 AugustPortsalon P&Q10:3007:594.11m
SAT3 SeptemberRailway Tavern Regatta10:0011:273.65m
SUN4 SeptemberAutumn 110:3012:403.46m
SAT10 SeptemberLifeboat Regatta17:0019:134.76m
SUN11 SeptemberAutumn 217:3019:524.80m
SAT17 SeptemberTry Sailing09:3011:223.47m
SUN18 SeptemberPostponed Race 410:3012:193.23m
SAT24 SeptemberAutumn 316:3018:454.04m
SUN25 SeptemberAutumn 417:0019:124.19m
SAT1 OctoberFree10:103.86m
SUN2 OctoberAutumn 509:3011:023.59m
SAT8 OctoberAutumn 616:3018:184.40m
SUN9 OctoberAutumn 717:0018:554.54m
SAT15 OctoberFree10:053.71m
SUN16 OctoberAutumn 809:3010:463.45m
SAT22 OctoberHot Toddie 115:3017:453.68m
SUN23 OctoberHot Toddie 216:0018:133.92m
SAT5 NovemberHot Toddie 314:3016:193.95m
SUN6 NovemberHot Toddie 415:0016:584.14m
SAT19 NovemberHot Toddie 513:3015:133.35m
SUN20 NovemberHot Toddie 614:0015:573.62m
SAT3 DecemberChristmas Crocs13:0015:003.69m
SUN4 DecemberChristmas Crocs13:3015:543.81m